My prize pictures from Greenland

Larger pict. Click right here. Naval base "Green valley" located in "Arsukfiord".
I was stationed here for 2 years (April 1989 - Juni 91) as a part of my apprenticeship.
This picture is taken from the top of  Brattefjeld, called "Bratten". "Bryggerns river" which cuts right through the station, habourhill in the bottom right-hand corner and you see the road to "Ivigtut" (the mine city) vanish in the middle of the picture.
Larger pict. Click right here..

Allmost every spring, you might be lucky to see an iceberg like this arriving "The Valley".

They all arrive from the Eastcoast of Greenland, and round "Cape Farvel" with the drift ice from Northern Greenland.

Larger pict. Click right here. Weather permitted (approx. 90% of the time) we could practice our skiing skills. A homemade lift did all the hard work.
Larger pict. Click right here.

Even in this small valley there is danger just around the corner.

An avalanche is not a subject to joke about. This time there was only material dammage, like this "Butterfly antenna".

Larger pict. Click right here.

Life as a marine soldier in green valley is hard as you might see in this picture.

This reconnaissance group was sent to this deserted valley to see if they could live by trout and salmon for a day.
The timing is perfect; the mosquitos are a pain in the b.. all summer.
From left: Jan, Masao, Holme, Lars, Munter and Kim.

Sunbathing on the terrasse.

Greenland is not, as many belive, a giant lump of ice.

Green valley has almost the same latitude as Oslo (Norway) and in this picture we are catching some sun. There are about 28° Celcius in the sun. It´s possible to get a nice 1. degree burn. :-)

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